Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hey hey, What another lovely day today although sun and train journeys do not go well together. I had to spend a sweltering 15Min's sat in a static train in the baking sun this arvo, it felt like I was being slowly barbecued, I will have more sympathy for burgers and sausages at my next one.
Got in today and I have my first rose on my rose bush I was so happy as it has not looked like
flourishing so the sun is at least good for that.

I am finishing off the cards I will post on my Folksy page tomorrow, hopefully, they will go down well, fingers and legs crossed.

As I got home early today after escaping work I have been having a peep on Folksy and have found this beautiful bracelet from Closet Individualist Jewellery. It is lush and my favorite listing today. If you want a closer look this is the link.

Oh how well did Murray do in the tennis today, brilliant stuff but Nadal next not sure he can clear that hurdle, be a good match though. Will have to get the Pimms out. Pimms O'clock. :)
Any who I have a ham toasty with my name on it smiling at me. Enjoy your evenings :)

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Stars & Glitter paper.

Hello Everyone, I think I am getting the hang of this blogging now. Hope I find you all well? :)

After a long day at work today and with my head spinning with "to do" lists and unfinished tasks, I decided to go through my ever increasing card making stock and sort it. It has been like Christmas I have found loads of wonderful craft items that I had completely wiped from my memory. It was like Supermarket sweep, staged in HobbyCraft or Inkspot from the comfort of my own sofa and free. Any better!

After deciding I have too many card blanks I thought it best to put some of my new found stock to use. Here's a sneaky peek I think I will list this on my Folksy shop on the 1st of July. Hope you like? Any comments on the card or improvements are very welcome it is always nice to have fresh eyes. Thanks. Catch you soon. :)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

First Post

Hello, this is my first post, which i have decided is like a first kiss filled with anticipation and a bit of excitement but it then ends in disappointment. Hopefully like first kisses the rest of my posts can only get better. :)

After the abysmal showing of England today against Germany i have thrown myself into creating this blog this afternoon. Unfortunately, due to my very poor computer skills it has taken me until now to complete. I hope it looks okay?

No making today or any posts on my Folksy site. Think i will join the July Jesters (i like that name) to give myself a push to create more.

Well first post over. Catch up soon. :)