Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lazy Sunday Days


Well it has been a week sine my last blog I am not sure where the time has gone. Been busy planning the Snowdon trip, got the boots, socks, tent and all important blister plasters. Only 2 full days to the attempt now and getting very nervous about it. But no turning back now.

Spent most of last week in a migraine induced stupor so i have failed to list new items into my Folksy shop but have made 4 sales in July now which is way more than i expected. Thanks to the buyers. :)

Here are my listings today to try to catch up. 1st are these orange earrings which have a mixture of crystal quartz beads, red Aventurine roundels and glass facet beads.

These are the 2nd pair again using a mixture of crystal quartz beads in shades of deep green, smokey grey, light & dark royal blue.

And finally the 3rd pair have 3 semi precious crystal quartz beads and a hematite bead.
Check out my folksy site for a closer look.
Got to go and make a late tea now and get ready for work tomorrow. Only a 2 day week though due to the Snowdon climb on Wednesday.
Catch you all soon. Hoping to do a July Jester blog this week before i go up the mountain. Ta ra.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

I Love the Weekend


Just a quick blog from me i have been in the garden most of the afternoon fighting what i think may be a losing battle with weeds. Managed to de-weed our veggie patch so at present we have potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, broad beans, sweet peas, runner beans, tomatoes and chilli's all going strong again after being saved from strangulation by nettles and weeds. The "Good Life" fantasy continues.

Just one listing for me today on my folksy site. A cute pair of earrings with a mixture of glass facet beads, ocean blue crystal quartz beads and large Czech swirl beads. I think I have a thing for blue at the moment.

The link is if you fancy a peep.

I will be doing a big blog tomorrow with my favourites from the July jesters listings there have been some fab listings everyday so far.

Ta ra for now :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Must do better

Hey all i have been pretty rubbish for the last couple of days. I have not listed since Sunday so i have listed 3 items today to try to make up for it.

Fantastic news since my last Blog though. I have had my first sale. My "Amethyst Drops" earrings were purchased on Sunday by the Lovely Michelle. Big Thank you for being my first customer.
Getting that first sale has really cheered me up as i was starting to feel a bit dishearten but now i am raring to go and have loads of ideas for makes which i hope to put into reality this weekend. As for listings today here goes.
This is the 1st of 3 posts today to make up for my failure to list this week so far. Here's the link for the bracelet if you fancy a peep
Next are these cute earrings to match the heart on the above bracelet. A perfect match.
Finally there are these fab blue earrings with glass disc beads and a mirror ball style facet beads.

These are bright, blue and beautiful. Check them out at:

Apologies that there are no pics from other sellers today but it is now 23.28 and i am on my 2nd (large) glass of wine and need to sleep. Will dedicated some time tomorrow night and try to get home from work before 8pm and do a July Jesters Blog update.

Night night all. :) x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Lazy Sundays

Hello. How much do i love Sundays. Just finished watching the Grand Prix and thought i would blog before the world cup final starts.

I have posted another bracelet today on Folksy. Found a bag of Flower toggles which i had forgotten about and just had to use them. Hope you like?

Here's the link:

The July Jesters have been busy today with a bevvy of beautiful crafts. I have scoured the listings and picked my 5 favourites from today, although i could i have picked 20 more.
First up is this lovely purple cluster necklace from Buttons and Beads Gifts. There are lovely beads on this.

Next is this really cute bag from Moody Cow Designs. I love the roses they look like my rose bush.
Purple seems to be really popular at the moment and you do not get more purple that this fab necklace from Maxine Veronica. Love the Purple and silver mix.
Take a closer look at:
Here's a fruity little number from PyroAngel's Sweet Trinkets. This bookmark looks good enough to eat. I love the little charms especially the strawberry. Brilliant fun. If you fancy a glance go to:
And last but definitely not least is this lush bracelet from Fairly Girly. I love the flowers and the metal charms, it looks really summery.
Well i think you will agree all of the above are fab. Before i am forced to clean and do washing up i would like to say a big thank you to anyone who has featured me on their blogs it is a great compliment. Thanks all.
Well i guess i better get back to the housework now but only a few hours and then the football will give me an excuse to stop :)
Also hoping to make next weeks listings so i do not keep posting so late. Still chasing that elusive 1st sale but hopefully by the end of the July Jesters that will have happened. Fingers crossed.
Catch you all soon. :) x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Well i have finally got over the Eclipse viewing last night. It is definitely the best film of the 3 although i think Jacob is out shining R-Patz. I am sure it is very wrong for a 28 year old to ogle an 18 year old but what heck his abs are fabulous.

I have made three postings on my Folksy shop today to make up for failing to list 2 days last week. I went for earrings today as sorted through my beads and findings and found some fab items i forgot i had. Below are the results.

Amethyst chips & blush purple crystal quartz beads on Silver plated ball wire hooks. I really like chips as they are all so different and unique.

Clusters of wooden beads, blue crackle beads, tibetan spacers and small blue glass beads again all on silver plated earring hooks. I like the colours on these the wood looks really good with the blue beads.

Wooden beads, blue crackle beads, glass blue bead and a tibetan feather charm all on silver plated hoop findings. Check them all at:

I am liking the blue and wood combo and have made similar ones for me to keep. I love the hoop earring finds there are so many possibilities with them.

Will do a big blog tomorrow on my favourites pics from the July Jesters that i have missed in the last few days. Hopefully this will be a bit early than 10pm at night as the British Grand Prix and world cup final are on tomorrow so they will have my attention for most of the day and evening.

Well i am off to concentrate on the half a bottle of Rose i have left. Night all. Catch up soon. :) x

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Team Jacob

Only one day to go now until i slip into a total Eclipse. I have been messing around with Fimo again and have made this which is slightly sad but i am still quite proud of it.

There are holes on the t and the m which i will attached to a chain. Not sure if i will wear it tomorrow but i have been toying with making them for a while. My friend Jude would have liked a Team Jasper as she loves his terrible "stare into space" acting. Will let you know if my necklace gets a premiere tomorrow.

Just time for my listing today. Its a funky and colourful bracelet this time with plastic hands, stars, hearts and dice beads. Makes me Smile.

This is the link if you fancy a peep:
Well i must go got to cut my partners hair now. Crafter and part time barber. Ha.
Catch you all soon. Probably no posts tomorrow but will catch up on Saturday. :) x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Half way there

I love Wednesdays especially when i finish work as i know there are only 2 more days left until the weekend when i can spend more time knee deep in angel paper and jewellery findings.

I am looking forward to a make day this weekend as i am finding that i am only making one item which gets listed that day and then i list too late for the July Jesters so i am hoping to get my weeks listings sorted at the weekend so i could post them before work. Although best laid plans and all.

Another bracelet from me today, groundhog bracelet day at the mo for me, sorry. I just love to make these kinds of bracelets though as it just fuels my bead addiction.

This is link for the bracelet Hope you like?

As for my follow July Jesters today i have picked my favourite 3 items again and again this has been very difficult as there are so many lovely things.

First up is this lovely Peacock dress card from Dottie Cards. I love peacock feathers and see them used in earrings a lot so it is really nice to see them on a card. I would love this card if it was my birthday.

How much do i love this bracelet. It is divine. This is from Just K Jewellery and it is beautiful.

As i am sure you all want to ogle it the link is:

How cute is this personalised Elephant cushion. I love the material used on it especially the flowery material.

This is from Made with Love and the link is i can not imagine it being around for long. Love it.
Well peeps i hope you like the picks today. I think it is just getting better and better god knows what amazing items will be listed near the end of July. I can't wait.
Night all i have the last 15Min's of the footie to enjoy now. Catch you soon. :) x

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Just a Quickie

Just a quick blog tonight, foolishly went to the gym after work today as i have even more foolishly decided to climb Snowdon at the end of July with some other crazy friends. So today in a blind panic i realised that i really should get some practice in walking gradients. I could walk miles on the flat but the slightest incline has my legs quivering in seconds. Did not do too bad so feel a bit better now.

Doing this though has made me very late with listing for July Jesters and blogging which is compounded by the fact that i failed to list or blog yesterday. Terribly disappointed in myself.

So just listed this i hope it kind of makes up for my absence yesterday. If you fancy a closer peep here is the link:

A couple of pics from today. Only two though as i am Hank Marvin and need some tea before i curl up with last nights Britain's Next Top Model. Trashy but i love it.

This is a beautiful Turquoise Riban Jasper & Yellow Stone Lariat Style necklace from BedazzlEm by Emma. I love the almost tribal look, it would adorn any ones neck fabulously.

And then i have this little gem from Made by Lolly. I love the colour of the felt flower on the brooch. I will be pointing quite a few people in the direction of this as it would look lush on a short jacket. Here's the link
Well another fab day for all. I think i really need to up my game as all of the July Jester's are listing such beautiful items. I may have to do a top 10 one day as there are just too many to single out.
Right i am off to raid the fridge i am thinking crackers, boursin and ham and maybe even that chocolate mouse that has my name on it. So much for training to climb a mountain. ha ha.
Catch you all soon peeps. :)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day Four in the July Jester's house.

Well, i am very late with my listing today not sure if it could be classed as today now considering i am only an hour away from tomorrow. Oops.

I don't know where the day has gone but i know i have not achieved much apart from organise my card making gear and make the bracelet below which i will hopefully list before the midnight hour.
I have had a good look through my fellow July Jester's listings today and below are my favourite 3.
First up is this really fun bracelet from Laura's Little Lovelies which looks good enough to eat. Check it out at:
Secondly is this gorgeous necklace from Little Red Star. I love the Big Red Flower and the beads going through the middle of the flower looks really good. Have a closer peep at :

And finally is this really cute Fox Terrier Puppy on wheels from Northfield Primitives. He just make me want to hug him, he is so lush. He's at:

Such a good show of listings again today it really does make me proud to amoung such a talented group of crafters. Pat on the back guys.
Well i better get round to listing my item or it will be tomorrow. Eek.
Oh Twilight and New Moon were fab, lots of moody teenage pouts and over the top acting but it did exactly what it said on the tin and i am now looking forward to Eclipse. Also as Jacob in real life is now 18 looking at his naked torso is not so wrong anymore. At least i hope it isn't. :)
Catch you again peeps. :) x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Everything is Rosey

Hey Hey, well only a quick one from me today. Managed a reasonable 10am lie in this morning so feeling pretty refreshed and eye bags are under control. Did go out into the garden today to get some pics and check out my rose, in full bloom now. Well chuffed considering i only took up gardening last spring. Also included my beautiful Daisy's and tomato's.

Love my little Mushroom it is well cute.

Well the 3rd listing of July Jesters today and i have listed a cute pair of earrings called Owlings, check them out.

There are 4 of the little beauties. Check them out:

Only have time for one favourite today but i am sure you will agree it is worth places 2 and 3 as well.

This is stunning. It is from Love Letters and is a "Kaila Necklace" which you can find at:
Well must go i have a date with Jacob and Edward. Watching Twilight and New Moon tonight in preparation for Eclipse. I should be ashamed at 28 years of age in loving these books but i am not. They are fab. Anyone with me or am i on my own with my obcession? :)
Have good a good evening everyone. Catch you all soon :) x

Friday, 2 July 2010

That Friday Feeling

Happy Friday Everyone.

I love Friday's they are like Christmas without presents. I am really looking forward to my well earned lie in tomorrow. I have been burning the candles at both ends this week and only have the little metal circle and a centimetre of wick left and eye bags that would have to be checked in if i was catching a flight.
So whats new, well garden wise my rose is looking very promising will have to get it's picture taken at the weekend for you. Also we have tomato's and carrots on a surge which bodes well for my good life fantasy :)

Well for those of you following the Folksy July Jester Shenanigans i have listed this bracelet today. I love stripes they make up most of my wardrobe and now my jewellery to. Hope you like?

Today has been another good day for the challenge and i have again pick my favourites from the listings today, my Friday favourites shall we say.

Firstly, i love this necklace by Strawberry Anarchy listed today it mixes handmade lamp work beads, felt, wooden, glass and clay beads in such beautiful colours.

Second is this beautiful "Lovebirds" wall art by Made by Lolly. The colours brilliant and the design is fab it would look fantastic on any wall.

And finally i have picked these lovely earrings by Buttons and Beads Gifts they have a matching bracelet which i cannot believe i missed yesterday. Love them both.

Here's the link so you can take a butchers:
Well i must say i think that is a fab clutch of handmade goods. I am loving the July Jester's series so far. You can be very proud of all of the listings today. Can't wait til tomorrow, after my lie in of course :)
I have just been handed a rather large glass of Rose (think it is actually our fish bowl) and we are down to penalties in the Uruguay v Ghana game so i will sign off now before i descend into a rose induced coma.
Catch you soon. :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

July Jesters are Go

Hi Everyone, as it is the 1st of July today the July Jester's club on Folksy has kicked off. If you are unaware of this club, basically people challenge themselves to list and item a day for an entire month. Last month was the June Loons.

This is my 1st time as part of the monthly extravaganza and i am excited about the challenge but slightly worried i may not be able to keep up. I hope i have enough ideas and time to make the 31 posts needed to achieve the "list a day" goal. Guess we will just have to wait and see. Hopefully it will put me on the road to my first sale. :)

Another part of the July Jester's is to support and promote fellow crafters work. So as i have been checking out the listings today here are my favs of the day.

This a a beautiful Candy stripe ribbon veiled comb from Ickle Imogen. Please check out the link as this is lush

Next is this fab "Gothic Black Blossom Necklace" it is just brimming with beautiful beads. This is from Mildunkley Beads and the link is so you can admire it as well.

Well i would love to add all the wonderful things that have been listed today but i would be here all night and the blog would probably stretch to Scotland and back. Well done everyone today.
I have listed the card featured the other day on my blog. Please go and have a closer look. Thanks

Catch you soon. :)