Sunday, 27 June 2010

First Post

Hello, this is my first post, which i have decided is like a first kiss filled with anticipation and a bit of excitement but it then ends in disappointment. Hopefully like first kisses the rest of my posts can only get better. :)

After the abysmal showing of England today against Germany i have thrown myself into creating this blog this afternoon. Unfortunately, due to my very poor computer skills it has taken me until now to complete. I hope it looks okay?

No making today or any posts on my Folksy site. Think i will join the July Jesters (i like that name) to give myself a push to create more.

Well first post over. Catch up soon. :)


  1. Your blog looks very pretty. Mines taking me ages, but I'm slowly getting better!

  2. Thank you for comments that is really nice of you and makes the hours trying to come to terms with setting up the blog much more rewarding. Will follow you both back. Catch up soon :)