Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hey hey, What another lovely day today although sun and train journeys do not go well together. I had to spend a sweltering 15Min's sat in a static train in the baking sun this arvo, it felt like I was being slowly barbecued, I will have more sympathy for burgers and sausages at my next one.
Got in today and I have my first rose on my rose bush I was so happy as it has not looked like
flourishing so the sun is at least good for that.

I am finishing off the cards I will post on my Folksy page tomorrow, hopefully, they will go down well, fingers and legs crossed.

As I got home early today after escaping work I have been having a peep on Folksy and have found this beautiful bracelet from Closet Individualist Jewellery. It is lush and my favorite listing today. If you want a closer look this is the link.

Oh how well did Murray do in the tennis today, brilliant stuff but Nadal next not sure he can clear that hurdle, be a good match though. Will have to get the Pimms out. Pimms O'clock. :)
Any who I have a ham toasty with my name on it smiling at me. Enjoy your evenings :)

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