Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Half way there

I love Wednesdays especially when i finish work as i know there are only 2 more days left until the weekend when i can spend more time knee deep in angel paper and jewellery findings.

I am looking forward to a make day this weekend as i am finding that i am only making one item which gets listed that day and then i list too late for the July Jesters so i am hoping to get my weeks listings sorted at the weekend so i could post them before work. Although best laid plans and all.

Another bracelet from me today, groundhog bracelet day at the mo for me, sorry. I just love to make these kinds of bracelets though as it just fuels my bead addiction.

This is link for the bracelet Hope you like?

As for my follow July Jesters today i have picked my favourite 3 items again and again this has been very difficult as there are so many lovely things.

First up is this lovely Peacock dress card from Dottie Cards. I love peacock feathers and see them used in earrings a lot so it is really nice to see them on a card. I would love this card if it was my birthday.

How much do i love this bracelet. It is divine. This is from Just K Jewellery and it is beautiful.

As i am sure you all want to ogle it the link is:

How cute is this personalised Elephant cushion. I love the material used on it especially the flowery material.

This is from Made with Love and the link is i can not imagine it being around for long. Love it.
Well peeps i hope you like the picks today. I think it is just getting better and better god knows what amazing items will be listed near the end of July. I can't wait.
Night all i have the last 15Min's of the footie to enjoy now. Catch you soon. :) x


  1. Thank you for including my card! Your bracelet is really pretty. Dottie x

  2. Lovely bracelet once again. I love Dottie's card too