Saturday, 10 July 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Well i have finally got over the Eclipse viewing last night. It is definitely the best film of the 3 although i think Jacob is out shining R-Patz. I am sure it is very wrong for a 28 year old to ogle an 18 year old but what heck his abs are fabulous.

I have made three postings on my Folksy shop today to make up for failing to list 2 days last week. I went for earrings today as sorted through my beads and findings and found some fab items i forgot i had. Below are the results.

Amethyst chips & blush purple crystal quartz beads on Silver plated ball wire hooks. I really like chips as they are all so different and unique.

Clusters of wooden beads, blue crackle beads, tibetan spacers and small blue glass beads again all on silver plated earring hooks. I like the colours on these the wood looks really good with the blue beads.

Wooden beads, blue crackle beads, glass blue bead and a tibetan feather charm all on silver plated hoop findings. Check them all at:

I am liking the blue and wood combo and have made similar ones for me to keep. I love the hoop earring finds there are so many possibilities with them.

Will do a big blog tomorrow on my favourites pics from the July Jesters that i have missed in the last few days. Hopefully this will be a bit early than 10pm at night as the British Grand Prix and world cup final are on tomorrow so they will have my attention for most of the day and evening.

Well i am off to concentrate on the half a bottle of Rose i have left. Night all. Catch up soon. :) x

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  1. Its only 10 years! Whats the harm ;o)
    I love finding beads I've forgoten about. You've made some lovely earrings there