Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Must do better

Hey all i have been pretty rubbish for the last couple of days. I have not listed since Sunday so i have listed 3 items today to try to make up for it.

Fantastic news since my last Blog though. I have had my first sale. My "Amethyst Drops" earrings were purchased on Sunday by the Lovely Michelle. Big Thank you for being my first customer.
Getting that first sale has really cheered me up as i was starting to feel a bit dishearten but now i am raring to go and have loads of ideas for makes which i hope to put into reality this weekend. As for listings today here goes.
This is the 1st of 3 posts today to make up for my failure to list this week so far. Here's the link for the bracelet if you fancy a peep
Next are these cute earrings to match the heart on the above bracelet. A perfect match.
Finally there are these fab blue earrings with glass disc beads and a mirror ball style facet beads.

These are bright, blue and beautiful. Check them out at:

Apologies that there are no pics from other sellers today but it is now 23.28 and i am on my 2nd (large) glass of wine and need to sleep. Will dedicated some time tomorrow night and try to get home from work before 8pm and do a July Jesters Blog update.

Night night all. :) x

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